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Omchata is a newly established local fashion brand that brings a completely new and unique model of the tie and suspenders. Recognizable by its singular design with a somewhat eccentric note, the combined rope as a noose breaks out of the cliches of tradition as a unique style both on the domestic and on the international fashion scene. It is meant for brave, creative, and free-thinking individuals.

The everyday winners who carry the burden of modern times on their shoulders with a broad grin on their face will be the first to find themselves wearing these unique creations.

I relate the Omchata tie with the strain of the daily grind and the problems of modern living which sometimes tighten around our necks. A strong individual pulls through and comes out at the other end, marching into the future proudly and fearlessly. Each of us carries at least one noose around our neck already, so are you ready to decorate, paint and proudly show yours to the world?

With these unique accessories, you will definitely leave no crowd indifferent.  Wearing a noose around your neck, with a proudly raised head is a show of power and untameability… a symbol of victory in every way!

Vise komada

Each Omchata tie is a unique design, reflecting a particular state of consciousness, creativity and freedom of mind. Wear it with swagger,be the originators of a new trend in urban fashion.

Omchata suspenders do not fall short of the ties with their unique design. The rope is the staple basis for these one-of-a-kind statement accessories.

Bear in mind that this is only the beginning, and the true invention is to come from the way you wear them! Omchata brand aims to keep up the unique design of all its upcoming items, and from us you can only expect the unseen.

We dismantle all stereotypes and tear down the boundaries. Only the brave will remain with us…


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