Sugar Soldier



The X suspenders!

Very unique design, better body fitting then regular suspenders, especially for female body.  All models are unisex!
This one called “Sugar Soldier”.  Green rope with pink and black detail. “O” ring split frontal part of suspenders and with elastic bands make ultra fine for wearing.
On back there is elastic band with regulator.
These suspenders end in clips which grip the top of the waistband.
One size fits mostly to all.

Novi dizajn tregera, X tregeri!

 Unikatan i poboljsan dizajn doprinosi bolje prijanjanje od redovnih tregera. Metalna alka na prednjoj strani deli tregere na pola iz koje se nastavljaju elasticne trake i zajedno sa kanapom ih cine fleksibilnijim. Model – “Sugar Soldier”.  Zeleni kanap sa crnim i rozim detaljima. Na ledjima je takodje elasticna traka sa regulatorom duzine.  Svi modeli su unisex.

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